[Expired] 50% Cash Back – Get TWD 900 Cash Back When You Spend TWD 1800 – by Booking.com

Booking.com is currently having an attractive offer. Spend minimum TWD 1800 to get back TWD 900. This is such a good deal, almost 50% cash back

When you book your next stay in booking.com via this link with a minimum of  TWD 1,800 in single receipt, you can earn back TWD 900. 

Get TWD 900 reward on your next trip
Alternatively, you may ask to send the link to your email address and save your TWD 900 Reward hunting later. 
At the bottom of the page, you will be able to see your referral ID as a proof that you are still staying in the reward link .

Please bear in mind of the follow rules to that will cause you to lose your TWD 900 cash back.

  1. Always book through the link. Failure to do so will cause you to lose your TWD 900 cash back. 
  2. Make sure your payment are in Taiwan Dollar and 1800 should be the total net room price excluding the tax and other service fee
  3. You can book few unit/room in a single booking (minimum total amount TWD 1800); However, only one cash back (TWD 900) allowed for one booking.com account AND one credit card.  You won’t be able to get TWD 900 cash back anymore after that. “One Account is for just one Coupon, you have to open new account If you want to use more than one. “To be safe, it is advisible to use one credit card for one cash back. 
  4. Booking must be made before 31 January 2019; However, your traveling (or stay date) can be anytime in the future after 31 January 2019.
If you are using desktop version to book room, you will see the  reminder of TWD 900  cash  back.

Voila – Now you can start to save more on your next stay at booking.com. 

If you like to help your friends to save more on their next trip, please share this article to them. Good things always worth to share. 

If you have questions about this great offer by booking.com, please feel free to private message me (click).


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