BIGPAY – More than payment…

Recently, AirAsia just rolled out their new e-wallet called BigPay. It is a combination of mobile app + physical card.


Today, I am going to reveal my personal thought about how useful this newly introduced e-wallet app. After reading through this article, perhaps, you will agree with Tony Fernandes’ belief which this e-wallet has huge potential and will be worth more than AirAsia in the short future. Lets’ rock ~

1.0 Introduce of BigPay

BigPay is an e-wallet that has app which you may directly download from both Google Play Stores and Apple Store. Besides, after you has successful top up certain amount (for my case, I topped up RM50), you will get the physical card which acts as a prepaid/debit card, to be delivered to your doorstep.

2.0 Application of BigPay

2.1 Top up / Collect Money/Payment
Benefit: Collect Big Point

Every Top up of RM50 = 1 Big Point

2.2 Store Money and
Benefit: Easily keep track of your transaction (Received and Spend) in MYR Currency. 

2.3 Make Payment of
Benefit: Collect Big Point

Every transaction paid using physical card or online with RM20 = 1 Big Point

Earned Big Point can be used to redeem any AirAsia flights from AirAsiaBIG .



3.0 Go Extra with BigPay –

Your smartphone now accept payment from credit card.

It is a payment gateway without card reader device. That means you can take your business anywhere and anytime as long as you have your data connection and smartphone. Give customer more options other than cash, they can choose to pay by either credit card or debit card as long as got

With BigPay app installed in your smartphone and physical card on hand, there is

  1. No Setup Fee
  2. No Card Reader or additional add on device, only your smartphone with data connection
  3. No Annual Fee
  4. No Transaction Fee on each transaction
  5. Cash stored within the BigPay card account is secured by Bank Negara.
    1. You can choose to withdraw it fully through local ATM (Each cash withdraw through local Malaysia ATM will incur a fixed amount of charges, which is RM6 per withdraw regardless amount withdraw. Oversea ATM withdraw charges RM10.) or
    2. Use the physical card to make payment across any 35.9 million Mastercard merchants worldwide (You earn 1 Big Point for every RM20 spent), or
    3. Use it to purchase AirAsia website for its product. Even though this is a Mastercard logo debit card, AirAsia does not impose any processing fee if you use this BigPay to do payment on your AirAsia air ticket. Furthermore, you earn 1 Big Point for every RM20 spent.
  6. Only accept Mastercard and Visa credit card for top up or receive payment at the moment.

Capture 2


As comparing to other existing mobile service gateway provider which I know currently available in market….

Maxis – It has monthly charge from as low as RM18 per month. Moreover, hardware device – Card reader is required. Additional cost which is know as Transaction fee is applicable for every transaction.

Capture 2

Besides, there is another popular payment gateway provider, namely GHL. You will see many retail shops use this company service for their credit card payment. They charge. For their charges, kindly refer to their website: CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS . 



Last but not least, almost all local banks provide the payment gateway for their merchants to accept credit card payment. However, I believe it required minimum commitment for monthly total transaction and charge certain amount on transaction. Typically, you will see bank logo sticker found on the terminal device placed on cashier counters.



To download this app and start using it, you may use this referral link which will give you free RM5. 

Use the code AHONU6GV4O when you sign up to BigPay and get RM5 for you to spend as soon as you activate your card.

Just register on the app using this link:

For any questions, you may always WhatsApp Simon Sia  <—- Click to message.




Disclaimer: All information mentioned above is correct at the time of publish. We bear no responsible for any changes or updates. Readers should always refer to their respective website for latest information.

All photos are taken from internet.




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