As we all know, air tickets comprise one of the heavy portion for a travel trip. We always look for ways to bring this portion as low as possible to save more and go further.

In fact, I myself had previously spotted few under value air tickets which had granted me with many unexpected low fare trips.

1. Use proper tool that help you find air tickets easily.

  1. Google Flight (Highly recommend)
  2. Skyscanner

These tools are not Online Travel Agent (OTA), they don’t sell air tickets. They will direct you to the relevant websites for purchase, for instance: Expedia,, cheapair and airline official websites.

2. Follow some useful Facebook groups.

  1. Secret Flying – Mainly focusing on global air ticket departs from various cities.
  2. 布萊N 機票達人 (Chinese Group) – Mainly focus on air ticket departs from Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  3. 低成本旅遊情報網 (Chinese Cantonese Group) – Mainly focus on air ticket departs from Hong Kong.

3. Besides, always subscribe to airlines newsletter for latest offer. I personally suggest you to register another new email for this purpose so that the airlines incoming newsletters won’t spam your mail box.

  1. Emirates
  2. Etihad
  3. Qatar Airways
  4. Cathay Pacific
  5. British Airways
  6. Lufthansa
  7. Ryanair
  8. AirAsia
  9. Singapore Airline
  10. Vietnam Airlines
  11. Malaysia Airlines
  12. Thai Airways

Above are just some of the recommended airlines and more based on your personal preference…

4. Try to use multiple cities when you search for air tickets. Airlines tend to sell cheaper air ticket for multiple cities.

For example: If you wish to go London, you may choose to either In-Out from London’s Airport, or you may choose to enter London and exit from Paris. You will find that the air ticket will be much more cheaper, and Bonus, you can get to visit at least 2 cities.


You need to polish your skill by making more practice. When you are skillful enough, you can find lot of good deals. Good luck and happy hunting.


If you have more methods on how to find cheap air tickets, you may share with me.



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