Apply USA Travel Visa for Malaysia Passport

Simple steps to guide you on how to get your United State of America (U.S.A.) Travel Visa.

USA-wiza-anonymous(photo credit: Wikipedia)

Applying USA Travel Visa is not difficult at all if you follow the instructions below. Remember, once you are granted with the USA Travel Visa, it will valid for 10 years with multiple entries.

Before you start the application, please prepare a soft-copy of your recent Visa photo that meet the criterias below.  Most of the photo studios can help you take qualify USA Visa photo (prefer to get both soft-copy photo and printed-copy photo).

  • Eyeglasses are no longer allowed, except in rare circumstances
  • In color
  • Taken in front of a plain white or off-white background
  • For printed-copy photo, it must be 2 inches by 2 inches ((51 x 51 mm)
  • For soft-copy photo,
    • Minimum acceptable dimensions are 600 pixels (width) x 600 pixels (height). Maximum acceptable dimensions are 1200 pixels (width) x 1200 pixels (height).
    • The image must be in JPEG file format.
    • The image must be less than or equal to 240 kB (kilobytes).

Above listed criterias are the main focus. However, if you wish to get more details, you may refer to (click)

  1. Photo Composition Template
  2. Digital Image Requirements (important)
  3. Photo Requirements

Meanwhile, some of the other documents you need to prepare are

  1. Your valid Malaysia passport (at least 6 months of validity from the day of interview)
  2. If you previously had visited USA or granted USA Travel Visa, you need to get ready the previous Visa red digit number and the date your visited USA (Arrival & Departure Date).

When everything on hand, you are ready to go now.

*** If you plan to travel USA for tourism purpose, then you are applying for B1/B2 Visa Class.

Let Get Start now….

1. DS-160 Form

First of all, you need to complete Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application Form DS-160 (Click the link)

  1. Choose Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur as your location.
  2. Key in the code shown.
  3. Upload your soft-copy Visa photo.
  4. Start An Application.


Above print screen photo shows that your Visa photo image may not meet the Digital Image Requirements


If your Visa photo image meets all the requirements, you will see the green tick logo.

Step 1-5 - DS160 (2)

Reminder: Your Application ID (in this case is AA0079BBEA) and Answer for your security question must be recorded in order for you to retrieve this application anytime.

You may proceed by answering all the questions in the webpages.

Some doubt questions you may find in the questions asked:

  1. Full name in Native Alphabet: For Chinese, you may just key in your Chinese name.
  2. Do you have telecode that represent your name: For Chinese, you may use this page (please click) to generate your Chinese name in telecode. Telecode (2)This is the webpage for you to generate your Chinese name telecode. Let said your Chinese name is 李佩虹, so the surname is 李 (2621) and 佩虹 (0160 5725). Step 1-6 - DS160 (2)

2. Schedule for Appointment 

After you completed your DS-160 Form, you may proceed to make payment, only then u can schedule your interview appointment at USA Embassy.

You need to go to this website for making all these arrangements.

Select Yes/No for “Is this your first time applying for a visa and/or visiting our site?


Create a new account by clicking the “Create Account”Step 2 Page 2.png

Reminder: Your login detail must be recorded in order for you to retrieve this application anytime.

Payment can be done in 3 different options. However, we personally recommend the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) option to pay through online to Bank of America. Pay exactly the amount stated by the webpage. Extra or lacking amount will NOT be refund or entertained.

The currency rate may differ. Your friends paid different figure amount as compare to yours if he/she paid few months or weeks ago.

Pay the EXACT fee amount stated (in Malaysia Ringgit) in the website.

Payment Amount

If you pay your visa application fee with an electronic funds transfer from your bank account, you may schedule your appointment three hours later. If you make the payment after 6pm, you will able to schedule your appointment after 9am the next business day.

You will be given an unique bank account number of Bank of America  for you to transfer your payment through online.

  • Beneficiary Bank: Bank of America Malaysia Berhad
  • Unique Account Number: Enter the number below:
  • Beneficiary Name: BAMB MY Re Stanley US Visacol SFA
  • Bank Code: 100002076 (or corresponding selection for Bank of America Malaysia Berhad)
  • The amount listed below is ONLY good until and must be paid before then.
  • Amount: MYR 688.00

Note: DO NOT select the Giro 2nd Validation for this Bank Transfer

Your Receipt Number is your Unique Account Number (80000228902640). If the system  detected your payment, this Unique Account Number will allow you to schedule for your appointment in next page; otherwise, the page will have error.

Keep your payment receipt. Print out and bring along for interview section later. 

2017-09-22 (1)

Schedule for your appointment.


If you still have any questions during this USA Travel Visa application, you may write to me or for instant reply (click): Whatsapp Simon Sia

3. Attending the Interview

Before going for your interview section, make sure you have checked their operating time as USA Embassy does not follow Malaysia Public Holiday Schedule. You may call the USA Embassy contact number at +60321685000.

Last but not least, please find below for the necessary documents which you must bring along to the interview section. The “Fee Receipt from Ambank” is no longer restricted to this as for our case, we use Maybank online transfer; therefore, we print out the payment receipt as the proof.


4. Some tips for Interview. 

The interview will be done in less than 1 hour. Typical questions asked are:

  1. What is your purpose of visiting the USA?
  2. Do you have family members or friend there?
  3. What is your occupation?
  4. Who is going to fund your travel expense?
  5. How long will you be in the state?

The main reason of the interview is to make sure you are not going to work illegal there or overdue stay. If your situation shows high possibility to either one of these, your application is likely to be rejected. Ask me for more details on how to answer the questions, Whatsapp Simon Sia

Congratulation if you successful passed the interview, and your passport will be kept at the Embassy for Visa issuance. You will receive an e-mail or SMS notification within two (2) business day when your passport is ready for pick-up or delivery.

You may choose

  1. Home Delivery
  2. Office Delivery
  3. Pick up (4 locations – Petaling Jaya, Johor Bahru, Klang, Penang-Bayan Lepas)

This is my 10 years USA Travel Visa. ALL THE BEST to you.


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