AirAsia Premium Red Lounge at KLIA2


Renowned as Asia leading low cost airline, AirAsia never compromises for its ongoing efforts to improve the travel experience by providing extra for flyers.

AirAsia recently opens a premium lounge – AIRASIA PREMIUM RED LOUNGE at KLIA2, that offer passengers 24-hour services and facilities, including a buffet spread, wireless Internet access, lounge area, workstations and shower facilities. It had its grand opening on 2 September 2016.

The AirAsia Premium Red Lounge, which is located at the Mezzanine level of the international departure hall at KLIA2, will be complimentary for passengers who opt for premium flatbed or premium flex seats. The good news is, it also available for all other passengers with a flat rate cost of RM79 per person. Children under 12 are free entry.

In my recent flight of AirAsia X inaugural flight to Mauritius, I had grabbed this opportunity to hop into this newly open AirAsia Premium Red Lounge before my morning departure.


It is advisible if you try to wonder around the AirAsia Premium Red Lounge before you decide to pay for entry as the crowd may be much, especially when the spaces and facilities are limited to cater for for huge crowd during the peak hour. Photo taken early morning 5.45a.m. where you can see there are not much people around.


Kindly check in yourself in this cozy yellow beanbags. It is located at the upstair of main lobby. Many will use it for lounging and taking nap before continue their next flight. During the bright daytime, you may enjoy the scenery view of airport and aircraft taxing from this space. Personally think this is the signature of AirAsia Premium Red Lounge.


Image by AirAsia.




Refresh yourself with the shower facility. Towel is available upon request and “in exchange” of your boarding pass. I guess the reason is to ensure you return the towel after use. Besides, they do provide both hair and body shampoo in the bathroom, but not other amendities such as oral care, hair dryer and etc.

Locker service is available upon request and you can easily locate it at the entrance of toilet / bathroom. The locker size is huge, most probably can fit in a 24″ trolley luggage plus your hand carry laptop bag.

There is no solo single detached bathroom. All they have are 2 male toilets and 2 lady toilets come with shower spray. (my guess base on the equivalent floor size as I should not access to the lady side).


For those who need internet connection, there will be unlimited usage free WiFi available for you to work. I managed to test the connection speed my own laptop and it runs pretty smooth. You will be given the WiFi common password (I believe everyone in the lounge access to the same connection as the password is very common; in specific, you are not given a specific login ID and a personal internet connection). I couldn’t guarantee the same quality of internet connection in other hours; at least at the early morning where there is not much crowd in the lounge, i still enjoying the smooth connection without interruption.


In case you need computer, the lounge is generous to provide you unlimited time of usage for their only 3 units of computers.



Power supply can be easily found almost every corner in the lounge. In case your socket plug are not compatible, universal socket are available for lending upon request without any charges, you just simply deposit your boarding pass during the loan.

In case you need to charge your mobile devices, the lounge provides mini cubic slot to store and lock your devices while charging. There are 2 locations, one of the locates at the upstair lofting area, another one locates right in the middle of the lounge. If you opt to keep your phone around you while taking nap in the lofting area, there are plenty of power supply on the side wall, then you won’t miss your flight in case your phone alarm is too far to be heard.


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Beer is not for free. The lounge charges RM15 per can of beer. The good news is you have unlimited supply of coke drink, cold orange juice and coffee maker machine with few options: Espresso, Long Black, Flat White, Cafe Latte and Cappuccino. I didn’t find hot chocolate served in the menu.

Bottom line review

The bathroom is clean and big, however the only one changing room is located outside the bathroom which is shared with both gender. Hence, you need to bring your clothes together to the bathroom. The detached toilet facilities will urge you to be fast as there might be someone else queuing for shower or toilet.


The breakfast served has very limited option, only bread or nasi lemak with sambal sauce and fried egg. Despite these, there is only apples served around the clock. I would expect something like salad, scramble egg, hot dog or porridge which can cater for different nation flavor.

The lofting area is super nice for hopping for a short nap. The yellow beanbag fits any type of sleeping style you wish to, and the greenish grassy flooring carpet provide a sense of home garden feel. In long term, I worry could the lounge maintaining this standard as visitors are allowed to wear their shoes into this area. Moreover, I beg you dare not lye on the beanbags which never change its cover sheet, surely it is smelly and  unhygience.

Would recommend to visit only if you have at least 3 hours transit time. Best for its cozy yellow beanbag lofting area.


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