What should I bring for my Backpacking Trip?

Unlike guided tours, Backpacking is all about simplicity, mobility and impulsive. In that case, why should we bother to take so much? So, take only the essential items.

Backpackers are keen to explore in depth, mingle with the locals and discover the local culture of the people and places. Travel light and pack smart so that you don’t have to struggle with heavy backpack.

Do not Overpack!

For Clothes and shirts, try to minimize to 3 ~ 5 days quantity as you can always do your own laundry while you are on your journey. Self service laundry machines, or sometime some backpacker hostel, are often available with all these facilities for your convenience. Perhaps, simply washing by hand and detergent can rinse your clothes. Moreover, jeans or long pants, most of the time, can wear for few days continuously if taken well care. Do bring several coloured T-shirt and a jacket for variety to your outfit as they are light enough.

Shoes, Critical!

Always choose a comfortable walking shoes as you will be on your feet walking for most of the time. Else, you are actually torturing yourself along the journey. It is always advisible to bring one extra of slipper as I believe you need it when it is rainy days, or you are just try to avoid making your shoes wet and dirty. For Ladies, legging is a versatile piece of apparel for places with cold weather as they can be worn underneath dresses when temperature drops.

Make Every Second Counts

Along the journey, there are plenty of waiting moment, such as on board of flight. A great suggestion to keep your time meaningful will definitely bring some companions – book or other entertainment. Traveling solo, especially, is craving for this. Be sure to pack a lengthy novel if you are planning for long journey. It will provide your mind with something to occupy when you are awake.

Stay Connected

Electronic communication devices, such as smart phone or a tablet, are something that can keep you connected to the world. You may always check in your location to report your current location and do remember to share some instantly snapped photos to share with your family and friend in social media. Some airline allow u to do online check in or last minutes flight modification – with internet connection to your devices, you may change your flight or simply just get update for your flight detail all in your hand. Smart and Handy Map from smart phone App, with GPS enhanced, will guide you to the nearby interesting places on your own. After all, DO NOT forget an universal adapter and the necessary chargers for your devices.

First Aid Kits

Pack medicine for diarrhea, allergies, fever and mosquito repellent. Do not try to misjudge the essence of this part. You may end up your journey staying in local hospital.

Be Peace of Mind 

Insured with Travel & Personal Insurance. Typical Travel insurance will cover your baggage damage and flight delay; while personal insurance will cover your security & medical, and emergency assistance during your journey. Make sure your choose a comprehensive plane that cover financial reimbursements for unexpected inconveniences encountered during your journey.

Prior Departure Checklist

  1. Visa
  2. Passport (6 months validation)
  3. Air Ticket (confirmed)
  4. Travel Insurance
  5. Travel kit
    1. Universal Adapter
    2. Neck Pillow
    3. Mist Moisturiser
  6. Personal Care Items
    1. Mist Moisturiser
    2. Sun Block
    3. Facial Cold Insulation
  7. Winter Protection
    1. Long John
    2. Jacket / Wind Breaker
    3. Sweater
    4. Scarf
    5. Hand Glove
    6. Wool Sock
    7. Earmuff
    8. Thermal Pad
  8. Medicine
    1. ENO – Stomach Relief
    2. Panadol
    3. Diarrhea Treatment
    4. Instant Sanitary Antiseptic

Happy & Safe Journey.

Image Courtesy: http://www.homebehindtheworldahead.com/my-backpack/


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